Zero Night Stand (ZNS)

Quick Definition: A full close without spending the night, or before the night is over.

*Please note, that PUA Lingo only describes the way the community uses the term and we do not endorse nor support the use of these techniques.

Full Definition:

ZNS refers to immediate casual sex. This can occur under strong attraction and BT from the target and the PUA. Alcohol also plays a part in ZNS sometimes. ZNS can occur in bar bathrooms, cars, or the PUA’s or girl’s place if it is close by.

It is possible to get a ZNS with strong caveman and escalation game by picking the right target with a high BT (and ovulation cycle) and running this type of game. However, it can also depend on luck. Certain PUAs claim to have found consistent ways to initiate 15-40 minutes pulls, although these are mostly in large inner city areas close to bars.


Richard was able to get a ZNS by ramping up her BT and using heavy kino escalation.

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Source: MrSex4uNYC

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