Your Top 10 Style Questions Answered | August 2012 Q&A

This post is dedicated to answering the mountain of emails I get from so many guys (and gals) about style and dating. Sorry I have not been able to reply to all of them, as word of Seduce With Style grows. Instead, I will devote my time today to answer the top 10 most common style questions based on the feedback I received from you guys.

The questions are sourced from replies on my email to everyone that signed up for one of my free PDFs. Topic: What can I help you with right now related to style? So I am directly quoting all the questions, be it vulgar, sarcastic, or serious.

If this post gets enough replies or comments, I will start doing audio recorded answers and eventually video answers for you guys. Here goes:

1. Vince, how do I get started?

Ok. This is a very general question. If you are new to style in general, I would reccommend reading the newbie drills. Then, familiarize yourself with your own awareness of style and social expression all around you. Notice a stylish guy and girl and start asking questions like, “What makes him/her stylish?”

Read up on the Style Attraction Switches, which I find are fundamental in generating instant attraction with women. There is like a reverse Female Style Attraction Switch – that is, emotions that women instantly trigger when dressed in “feminine sexuality” which some women do better than others.

The Lookbooks on the site help you breakdown the items and detail of each outfit, and sexual avatars give you a sense of character creation and what makes certain archetypes “click” into form.

2. Should I smile in my pictures?

Usually yes. A smile is an attraction, alpha trait. Some people don't like to smile. I say, practice smiling in a dominant and warm alpha way. The Dalai Lama, for example isn't the most handsome guy, however his smile permeates social constructs and always warms up the recipient of that smile and others around them.

dalailama smiling

When shooting modeling pics, the high fashion end requires guys to look “dominant” and “super alpha”, therefore smiling is usually not seen in fashion ads.

If you are worried about not looking good smiling, practice in front of the mirror. You can also seek dental treatments (braces, veneers) if you accurately assess your situation and determine that your teeth needs better alignment. Smile with your eyes and the whole face. As an artist you should have mastery over all types of emotions in pictures and social situations, the smile being one of the fundamental core emotions.

3. How do I become a male model?

I'm not sure, since I am not one myself. As a kid I have thought about becoming one.

Male models usually have strong cheek bone structure, at least 6 foot tall, 6'2+ is better as most of the girls will be at least 5'9, and have chest and waist measurements of 32-36 chest and 30-34 waist. Your weight has to reflect a strong body proportion and obviously your bone structure has to align with that of a mannequin. Generally speaking your facial and body symmetry is very good. You have good healthy hair and skin tone, and a look that stands out.

A good book on the life and discovery of a male model is Bruce Hulse's autobiography. Male models last longer than female models, aging up to 35-40 before they are considered “old”, whereas female models usually span from 18-29 as the peak years.

Male models can be fun and playful, instead of stoic and fierce all the time.

The cool thing about learning game is that you can learn to replicate a male model's status through your behavior and style, and attract the type of girls you believe you really deserve.

4. There's this girl I like (in class, at work), but I don't know how to approach her

I am not an approach coach and I try to stick to style only, however I get this question ALL the time. If at work, my opinion is that of “leave it alone”. Too many potential risks. You're going for the skill set, not the girl herself initially. There's no harm in approaching a girl in school. Do it sincerely and genuinely, and don't come from a needy place. You don't need her, you just want her. Additional information on approaching can be found on PUA

5. I'm friends with this girl but, how do I take it to the next level

Again, not a style question. There's been plenty covered about the friend zone. Go from there.

6. I want to develop a congruent integrated style that communicates my personality and enhances it. One that turns heads and impresses women and in turn makes me feel and act more confidently.

Awesome. Welcome to the game. This is the first step and I cover this in great detail, step by step, with illustrative examples in my book, Seduce With Style 2.0.

7. I need a nice pussy

Proper training of a domesticated cat should do the trick!

Here is a shaved puss for you

8. Not knowing how to get to the next level with women , I end up being just a friend.

See my answer to question #8. Generally speaking, don't be afraid to mess things up with women. There are so many of them but we are evolutionary programmed to think there are only a few.

9. I feel like wall between me and attractive woman . i start stirring at them and they notice it, which is bad enough to start conversation.. I feel i don't have time , to do any thing

I understand. That “wall” you're feeling comes from 2 possible places. One, your inner thoughts about yourself and how you perceive the world. There are too many barriers, it seems. You need to start having presence of mind to see reality for what it is, no more, no less.

The second part is pure execution – do you have the skills to create a high value perception and image of you so that women react a certain way around you? This is the lesson you are attempting to learn.

10. How to look SEXY … and not CUTE … which type of boy they wanna keep as a boyfriend ..

This is a common problem Asian guys have – looking “cute” and “friendly” but not hitting the “sexy” mark in American culture. That's fine. Sexy usually requires the following:

  1. A higher level of dominance
  2. The willingness to take risks and offend people, as long as you believe you are doing the right thing
  3. If your avatar is “cute “and “soft”, you need to add more dominance and congruence to it. Piercings, Tattoos, shirts that communicate sexuality
  4. Try growing out you facial hair
  5. Dye your hair darker, or a different color
  6. Wear wristbands, necklaces, and other accessories that communicate your “hunter” instincts and identity
  7. Become an actor, and TRY being “mean” to the point of “selfish” for one week. See how it feels, and learn to identify with things you like about that character, and things you don't. 90% of the time, the “Nice” guy isn't really “nice”, more so than he's BORING. He has't developed an identity, and he doesn't know who he is. “Nice” is a society substitute word for “BLAND” or “BORING”

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