Your Questions Answered with DJ Fuji: Episode I

Hey guys! This month I got an exclusive interview series to ask ANY pick up related question with my mentor DJ Fuji. And you can too! Add your comments, suggestions, insults, sidenotes below. We will feature the most prominent and well thought out questions on our next interview with DJ Fuji.

Questions addressed in this episode:

  • Is it wrong to tell your buddy his GF is ugly?
  • How do you stop a girl you see during the day and hook her?
  • How do you game girls while out with other female friends?
  • How do you get a girl to notice you at work?
  • And much more…
The full interview is here:

Hope you enjoyed the episode, and thanks to DJ Fuji for answering questions from PUA Lingo fans! If you have any questions you would like to have answered in future episodes, feel free to contact us or post them in the comments.

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