• You guys can settle a debate

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    I have used this many times to test a set and see if they are open and receptive. Great for coffee shops, seated vinues, etc.

    Your wing and you walk in and pick a seat next to a set, in which case you throw your coat over one of their chairs at the table. Just give them the signal as if you were saying, “Is this ok?”

    Turn back around to your wing, then have a good fun conversation at which in some point you turn back around, smiling of course, to grab a cell phone out of your coat pocket. Or use slight of hand as you lift the coat back up…as the set looks up to see what you are doing, you will already be smiling and in a good mood, and give them a thoughful look. The will be looking at you wanting you to say something…so slightly turn back to them and then run your opinion opener on them as normal.

    “Hey – you know what? You guys can settle a debate a friend of mine and I are having…”

    Fill in from there.

    I have found this to be a good way to initially test a set, just dont wait 20 mins…only wait for about one or two.

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