You Can Do It, Harold! We're All Behind You!

It’s time to change the world! Get your capes and superhero masks! We’re goin’ on a CRUSADE, people!

Two of my favorite humans on the planet have got to be Harold and Kumar (this is not the appropriate place to mention that they are not, in fact, real people…do not take this from me). They are completely genuine and loveable, and it doesn’t hurt that you look at them and  think, “Aw, that’s sad,” but secretly you know they are just one brief spa trip and Pretty Woman shopping spree from being completely doable.

I’m going to give you permission to leave this post for just a second and watch this video. Try to overlook the fact that the guy who uploaded it spelled “elevator” wrong.  Really take a close look at the comments section (please don’t get distracted by the video thumbnails on the right hand side, you’ll emerge fourteen hours later and missing your pants). So here’s the clip where Harold finally gets the nerve to speak to Maria, and the magic begins…

Did you notice the running theme in the comments? It’s nothing but Asian guys wishing they could have a hottie like Maria, responded to by other people telling them to totally go for it like Harold did.Read that again: white people (many of them girls!) are responding to these comments practically begging Asian guys to make the move!

So now it’s cape time. We all need to do our parts and chip in for the cause, the cause in this case being that we have to convince Asian guys all over the planet that white people are completely into them! I mean, look at Harold. How do you not love that face? He’s bruised, beaten, knows how to have a good time, AND he’s smart! He’s the total package and there are plenty of girls lining up to meet him (yes, some of them are on their way to Amsterdam…we won’t discuss that right now).

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