• “You are SO… in my way” Opener

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    One of the biggest problems guys have in opening is giving too much value away to the girl, or conveying low value. With a strong tonality and a amusing/alpha joking face, say to the girl “You are SO…”. At this moment, she is going to think you are going to be like one of the other guys “you are so beautiful, can I buy you a drink?”.Instead, you slightly neg her “you’re in my way”. She’s be surprised and probably laugh. Make sure she knows that the PUA is joking, otherwise some girls do actually move and then look at you like you are being rude. When conveyed correctly, the opener has many subtle DHVs and secret society sub communications.(In field: AlphaWolf once was opened by a girl who looked at him and stood still, he thought she was waiting for something or mad. Instead, she said, “um, you’re in my way” with a smirk. What a great opener for a girl.)

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