Yin and Yang (MM)

Quick Definition: A concept from Lovedrop and Mystery’s “Revelations” product, refers to the balance of the fire and the ghost to create an attractive combination of positive influence, and non-reactiveness to negativity or anything that isn’t conducive to the process of seduction.

Full Definition:

The fire refers to the flame of influence and attractiveness. You are always adding value to the interaction, and leave people better off than when they first met you. Whether it is a boy, homeless person, a waiter, a stranger, a hot girl, you’re just the type of guy that brightens someone’s day.

The flame isn’t passive, in every situation, you try to add value to the interaction. You don’t ask for anything in return, or try to prove yourself. You simply are. In situations where you may act as a disturbance or someone is not welcome to you, leave. As Zan says, “do not shine your light where it is not welcome”

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The flame is not trying to get a result with an interaction, though he knows how to lead.

The ghost refers to the difficulty of hitting the target in social situations. The ghost is not reactive, neither is he easily offended by useless remarks, or rude behavior of strangers.  The ghost is the shield of the Yin and Yang, he simply lets rudeness pass by through, without hitting him or even effecting him at any core level. In this sense, the PUA who embodies the ghost is not prone to negative social interactions, and chooses to react on his own accord and interpretation of a social situation.

Here is a great example of how each actor responds to insults. Notice the difference between the alpha males (Jack Nicholson) and the ones that take it personally:

The Yin and Yang theory is not without contradictions. Aspiring PUAs might ask, “how can I add value to a social situation while not reacting from it? Isn’t’ all social interactions based on reactions and feelings? And don’t I feel bad when I am rejected? Doesn’t everyone?”

The answer is yes, and the difference is explained in Owen Cooks’ Intent vs. Freedom from outcome. Intent is your level of intention and wanting to achieve a personal goal to be the best that you can be. At the same time, you have a level of freedom from the outcome. Because this is your Life Task, you simply know that one specific outcome does not determine your future destiny. Rather, is is through routine practice and a string of outcomes that you become who you are.

Embodiment of the flame and the ghost in turn produces a level of game that is only matched by Mystery, Lovedrop and Matador. It is the embodiment of high social value interactions, without the neediness or negativity that usually accompanies most dating situations when PUAs first start out.

Over time, the characteristics of the Yin and Yang will further manifest itself into PUAs who practice them.


Be the Yin and Yang of positive energy and calmness – your game will be untouchable.

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