Quick Definition: A certain unexplained phenomenon or quality that a person possesses which draws attention and people towards them.

Full Definition:

X-Factor is a term that references a quality of a person that is hard to decipher or explain. Perhaps the source of that person’s draw or power is unknown, or the effect is hard to explain. Either way, certain people have an X-Factor that allows them to draw magnetic attention towards themselves.

Models sometimes have the X-Factor due to their looks. The model’s features automatically stand out and their bone structure makes them unique in photographs and pictures.


The X Factor is more than just looks, however. You don’t have to be good looking to possess an X Factor. A strong aura, or PRESENCE, can also create draw and magnetism. As if you are emoting a particular feeling directly onto the other person. This is the power of personal magnetism which has also been discovered in pick up as emotions are contagious, and state is always transferable.

Zan is one of the PUAs that possesses a natural X-Factor:


Krissy has a certain type of X-factor that is beyond “normal” people

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