Wow Factor

Quick Definition: The combination of a woman’s looks and her perceived characteristics that make her stand out above the rest of the girls for men who are often faced with multiple choices of women to have a relationship with.

Full Definition:

A woman who understands social dynamics can develop herself to have the “wow” factor. This is more than looks. It is about her appearance as well as the way she uses it. Simply being beautiful doesn’t cut it. Does the girl have something SPECIAL about her amongst a group of beautiful 10s? Is she sympathetic? Can she play the piano, or cook a delicious meal? Does she have a flirty vibe about her? A positive attitude towards life?

Many times, a guy can fall for a girl who has a WOW factor that may not be as beautiful as a bitchy 10.


That girl – there’s just something about her. Wow.

Related Terms: Charisma, Inner Game, Congruence, Authenticity, Core Confidence,

Source: Tough Love Season 2

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