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    nylon socksWool is a natural fiber that comes from sheep and some other animals, including goats, camels, and alpacas, among a few others.  It should be noted, however, that the term wool is used only to distinguish the textile fiber that comes from sheep.  Other animals produce wool but the terms to describe the textile differ.  Even though wool in many ways seems similar to hair or fur, it is in fact different.  It grows in clusters, which can be seen by someone who has gone to a sheep-shearing festival – there are tons of clusters and clumps of wool everywhere!  Wool has elastic as well as a crimping quality.  Wool is an age-old material that is used in many ways. Most notably, for men and women alike, wool is used to make sweaters.  Wool sweaters can sometimes be itchy, which is often why many people wear button down shirts underneath wool sweaters.


    Wool-made suit for men

    Like many other materials, wool is also used to make t-shirts and socks as well as other garments and accessories.  One brand, Smartwool, offers and extensive selection of men’s wool clothing products.  Wool socks can be thin or they can be thick.  Often times, wool socks are too thick to fit inside of dress shoes, but think wool socks may fit just fine.  Wool socks can be comfortably worn in hiking shoes.  Aside from comfort, for active men who like to hike or be outdoors, wool garments can provide much needed warmth as well as comfort against the elements.

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