AKA playette, seductress, or wing girl

Quick Definition: A female wing.

Full Definition:

A female wing is a woman who is knowledgeable about the seduction community and its methods (as opposed to pivots), and can help a PUA game other women in the field. Wingwomen are usually very useful, as they automatically have higher social value in bars, can diffuse AMOGs easily, and also trigger attraction in other females via pre-selection.

Wingwomen are becoming increasingly common, as the game becomes more popularized, and more women are finding out about the seduction community. Women are naturally interested in subjects such as psychology and relationships, so learning about pickup is a natural step for many women.

Many pickup companies have begun to employ professional wingwomen, who help guys practice their approaches and help them out in the field, giving them advice that only a woman can give. A number of seduction lairs have also begun to open up their membership to women, and there are now a number of pickup companies made up entirely of women, who help guys to get laid by hiring out wingwomen who provide pickup advice and social proof for their clients.


I have a lot of female friends who are good wingwomen.

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