Quick Definition: A fellow friend or PUA who is able and willing to assist the PUA in his pickup goals.

Full Definition:

In almost all cases, having a competent wing that one can trust increases the success rate of the PUA’s own pickup significantly. A competent wing is able to do many things that a PUA may not be able to do alone:

When two successful PUAs are in a venue, they can both cross merge groups for additional social proof.

Incompetent or mediocre wings are sometimes better than no wings for new PUAs. However they are hindrances to a more advanced PUA, whose game can be hurt by the less experienced wing’s handling of a situation. When finding a wing, it is important to assess each other’s skill levels and compatibility as friends aside from pickup.

It is important to have at least an implicit understanding of winging rules, so that the wing helps, rather than hinders, the pickup. One of the most common rules of winging is that whoever opens the set controls the set, so the wing should not do anything that DLVs the PUA who opened the set in the eyes of the target. Another rule of winging is that the wing should come into a set at a lower energy level than the PUA, and ensure that he does not convey more value than the PUA. If the wing is forced to entertain a particularly nasty obstacle during a set, it is common courtesy to return the favor in future sets.


I will be your wing tonight.

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