• Why Every Man Should Own A Scarf

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    As a young boy growing up on the balmy beaches of Hawaii, I never really got into wearing scarves, but as I moved to colder climes and started to develop my style, I’ve grown to find that scarves can be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe.

    Why should you wear a scarf? Besides the practical benefit of keeping warm, scarves are great because they are an easy way to add a pinch of color to an otherwise drab outfit.

    Red Scarf Guy

    You can take an existing outfit, and just by adding a scarf, you can add another dimension to it, and you can easily create different looks just by mixing and matching different scarves.

    Another reason to wear a scarf is that they can help create a more interesting look by breaking up the straight lines of your clothing and making your outfit more dynamic. There are many different ways to tie a scarf, and depending on how you tie it, you can add a touch of messiness or casualness to an outfit.

    Scarf with Suit

    Scarves can also be used to trigger a number of Style Attraction Switches. A thick and solid scarf, for example, can add some bulk to your upper torso, and convey Dominance.

    Guy Thick Scarf

    Scarves can also communicate Eliteness and social savvy, because they have only recently started to re-emerge as a men’s fashion item in Western culture. Scarves can also have a slight European connotation, because they are worn more often there (the French are legendary for their scarves), so that can lend a bit of class to them as well.

    European Scarf Guy

    The bottom line is that if you don’t already own a scarf, you need to get one (or two, or three), and if you have one already, you need to start experimenting with them more. Nothing conveys a knowledge of style quicker than a man who knows how to wear a scarf well.

    See our Men’s Scarf Guide for more information on scarves and how to wear them.

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