White Girls and Asian Boys facebook group

As the popularity of social networking grows, especially with Facebook, groups and events are popping up. Some you may never even heard of since it’s still somewhat complicated to find on Facebook. Once you find the the group it is easier than ever to meet up with like minded people.

As the popularity of social networking grows, especially with Facebook, groups and events are popping up. Some you may never even heard of since it’s still somewhat complicated to find on Facebook. Once you find the the group it is easier than ever to meet up with like minded people. Today I want to talk about a Facebook group called White GIRLS and Asian BOYS. Feel free to join their group. Their goal is to try to have members to like their group  page ,all you have to do is like it to join.


  • Couples reported to have met from this group: 8
  • Facebook pokes that have resulted from this group: 99273
  • The ultimate goal of the group is to have meet ups all over the world. There is already a wide range of members from Norway to Toronto and San Francisco.
  • The thing about this group is that there are White girls who love Asian Guys. There is always interesting wall posts on the group and it is a very interactive group.

Some quotes and topics

Let’s say you met a really cute girl/guy whatever. BUT yea he/she lives in another country. You guys have talked for a long time, you fall in love etc. Would you move for that person and change your whole life (learning the language, leave your family and friends, job etc) I’m just curious how ppl think about this ….


So, when people think Asian, do East Indian or Russian come to mind? I’m thinking that most of the ladies are expecting Asian men of the oriental variety.
We get the fellas in here to put a fav pic of themselves up…
Show us what we are missing :) asain male order catalog. I promise if I order you to go… You will like it!
Hey ladies.. Why do you like Asian boys???

  • Cos… i have a lot in common with them, and I like their hair and skin~ Soft skin -.-“
  • Kpop and Jpop but I love KRAP the best. You noes dem 1tym boyZ are diggitydog HAWTness. LOL! seriously my first crush was a Asian boy. Andy lived across the street. all the men in your life at the time were people who look and act like joe pesci and bobby deniro. When all they do is stickball and find stuff that falls off a truck… I began to look at Andy as someone awesome. Studied, family oriented, work ethic but still knew how to play.. true we played fisher price barn….and legos…but still i wanted to marry him.


Strong female. I was wondering, i have watched a lot of female reaction in my life and i wonder how men feel about this, especially asian men. there are many women that are insecure (for what ever reason), defensive, sensitive, and emotionally extended. One tiny bit of criticism or maybe a moment in which a man is extremely blunt, and they crumble. Do you prefer women who have the capability can stand on her own, or do you prefer the delicate flower whose petals fall off easily. Each of them love men, but one wants them while the other one needs them to survive. please chat

  • I never want to confuse strength with pride. Do i fault men or women or men for having faults. No I don’t. I like people who are half empty not half full or just full. Anyone who says they are strong and have no faults usually are suffering from pride. Having faults is okay but pride is a sin. We women had a long tough time of used to being someones property. We still have issues of being regarded as disposable tissues to some womanizers and cultures. Society all over the world is basically just different levels of patriarchy. To me someone who is searching for love or just looking for acceptance from culture/or community or in their work field or just attention in social settings are just learning how to live their life. …. However there is the reverse psychology that usually we people want the unobtainable.. so we are usually are attracted to that which ignores us. We all want 10s (or number 1s).. no one says I want a 5.
  • To paraphrase George Carlin, “I’ve never fucked a 10, but I did once fuck 5 2s and I think that should count!”I think wanting a 10 over a 5 is a matter of ambition. Sure, the general rule is that it’s highly unlikely that two people that are more than 2 points away from one another will end up together, but that doesn’t mean that you should start by aiming low. Yes, personality factors into that score and scores are all set to personal taste, so the old adage about one man’s garbage being another man’s gold still stands.
    As for the question of strength: Strength comes from not giving a damn about anyone or anything except from what you want. It’s independence. I seek it out in other people because at the end of the day I want it to be about wanting to be together, not needing it

When debating with American Asian guys about what they call manly representations of men in society they usually say their counterparts in Asia are effeminate or girly. In reality men come in all shapes and sizes and styles. Could it be that the western representation of what males make the grade is not the norm? What makes a man a man? Is it his genetialia or the size of his biceps??? Does style really make a difference on what people see is male? Do we emasculate men who are naturally petite? Could it be western society and their idea of what makes a man is not fair?


Question for the group: Do you only see your lover for the color of their skin? A trophy to show off for all the other asiaphiles/WFphiles? Since this is a white girl asian man group. white girls: why do you like Asian men (BE HONEST)? and asian men: Why do you like white females (BE HONEST)?

  • what I like about asian men: smooth hairless skin, beautiful eyes, cheekbones, culture, food, some traditions, and we’re going to make CUTE babies!
  •  Someone once asked me why I only date Asian men. People are people but I just happen to find slanted eye lids a complete turn on, the more slanted the better. Just something I happen to like. There are good people and bad people in all races. So Asian men happen to turn my head, it is that simple. Then when I date them I find the good ones and the bad ones and try and keep the good ones. For some reason there are few to none white guys that I find attractive if I am looking at them objectively. They might have a good personality though with does affect how I feel about them, but they don’t turn my head initially.
  • 1 – A lot of it is physical attraction for me. Nothing else attracts me but classic asian features. I truly don’t have any reaction to other men. Its like other men are totally invisible. Unless a person has a features like the average from North Eastern Asia I just don’t notice them on a relationship level. Whether its a slanted eyelid, epicanthic fold or variation of Monolid it makes me feel something. I dont know if its floating on a cloud or melting like butter its just more?? I dont know if that makes sense and sincerely i dont care… its something I feel in my body that just shows via my smile. So its not that I dislike other skin color or wider eyes its just they never get on my radar for anything more than genuine friendship. The way it is .. everyone regardless of race is put on the friend pedestal then little by little they gain points to stay there or move down.
  • ‎2 – — now why do i like the person within beyond the physical attraction… well that person is going to make me laugh until I have to pee or he is gonna share his cotton candy. He is gonna understand when I want to read and have quiet time or when I want to unlock that achievement on my xbox. He is gonna know that you never go to someones house empty handed and he is gonna understand why I like lychee cherry bubble tea over lemon ice tea. LOL! Mostly he isnt going to think im weird when I salt my stinky tofu, put kimchi on my pizza, or cook in my terracotta pot. He is going to understand why i have siracha, bambooshoots in chili oil, pancit ramen and kochujang in my fridge.. he will love that I can swtich and make baked ziti one moment and chicken tika masala the next. He is going to love appreciate that on cold nights we eat congee or seollang tang and then for desert we have hot cocoa… He will love that I massage his shoulders and appreciate how loyal I am to him and how filial i am to his , mine and out family.
  •  It doesn’t even have to be anything tangible or quantifiable. For me, I simply find Caucasian women more attractive. It isn’t a conscious choice or a decision at which I arrive after careful deliberation. I am, and have always been, attracted to Caucasian women.
    Those women who have ever dated an Asian man may know that my preference cause some chagrin to my beloved mother but as the saying goes, I like what I like and I can’t help that.
    If one were to insist that I list some physical traits that I find appealing, then I’d have to resort to stereotyping: I like big, beautiful eyes; soft, flowing hair; supple, curvaceous body; and general western features.
    Another feature that I find highly appealing, which may not be the case for other Asian men, but I find myself drawn to Caucasian women who are curious and interested in my native culture. My mother used to insist that I needed a woman who understood and had grown up in the same culture with similar values but I realized that women who are fascinated in my heritage and culture, even though they were not raised in them, are even better.


Thoughts on the group

There is a lot of activity and interesting conversation topics in the Facebook group. The thing that I really enjoy about this group is the fact that most people on there are either an Asian male or a female who love Asian guys.

Feel free to join the group and discuss anything you would like.