• White Dress Shirt

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    White dress shirts are a classic staple of menswear.  Often worn with dress pants, white dress shirts are the extra crispy component of many business casual and formal mens’ outfits.  White dress shirts look clean as well as refined.  When paired with the right set of cufflinks, a white dress shirt can be transformed into a staple piece of clothing.  Because of the obvious lightness of the shirt, white dress shirts tend to produce an appealing halo effect, highlighting a man’s face.  Presumably, when worn, the face is clean or appropriately, shaven so as to reflect great grooming habits.  White dress shirts, like dress pants, can be made out of various fabrics.  However, cotton is usually the most commonly used.

    mens white dress shirt craig daniel

    Even if a man cannot currently afford a moderately priced-to-expensive suit, if he can purchase a crisp, white dress shirt, then he is likely doing alright.  White dress shirts are staples.  When worn with jeans, they can be dressed down, and when worn with dress pants, they can be dressed up.  Iconic style figures like David Beckham, for instance, clearly demonstrate the power of white dress shirts.
    mens white dress shirt david beckam

    They are meant to “fit” a man’s looks and preferences, not vice versa.  White dress shirts often look best when they they are not buttoned up entirely.  Leaving the top two through four top buttons undone can be extremely appealing, as it shows a man’s laid back and can let loose.  Fully buttoned white dress shirts look great as well, but often that look presents the best when worn with an equally fashionable tie – such as a thin tie.

    A clean, well fitted white shirt is a definite in any stylish man’s wardrobe.

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