• What Women Want

    by AlphaWolf & Co.


    They like you in sneakers, they hate paisley, and you’d probably get more action if you dressed like a fireman. Here, the women staffers of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, O, and Harper’s Bazaar dole out advice in our exclusive survey.

    1. I prefer a man’s legs in:

    A. Chinos 6.5%

    B. Levi’s 80.6%

    C. Suit pants 9.7%

    D. Board shorts 3.2%

    2. The most flattering color a man can wear is:

    A. Blue 41.9%

    B. Green 3.2%

    C. Pink 12.9%

    D. Whatever matches his eyes 35.5%

    3. The sexiest thing a man can wear is:

    A. A tuxedo 22.6%

    B. Rugged jeans and a plain white T-shirt 67.7%

    C. Those Marky Mark boxer-briefs 6.5%

    D. A pair of tiny Italian swim trunks 3.2%

    4. I like it when he smells like:

    A. Nothing 58.1%

    B. A sweaty fireman 6.5%

    C. Citrusy cologne 16%

    D. Scotch 19.4%

    5. If I could change one thing about my man’s style, it would be:

    A. I’d make him spend more than fifteen bucks on a haircut 25.8%

    B. I’d teach him the subtleties of wearing or not wearing cologne 3.2%

    C. I’d give away his double-pleated pants and buy him flat fronts 35.5%

    D. His shoes. Oh, my God, his shoes. 25.8%

    6. When I see a guy in sandals, I think:

    A. A simple flip-flop will do 61.3%

    B. He’s coming nowhere near my uterus 6.5%

    C. He has sexy toes. I want to see ’em. 6.5%

    D. Sandals haven’t looked sexy on a man since they were worn by the
    Son of God 25.7%

    7. My favorite thing to borrow from my man is:

    A. His worn-out button-down shirt 45.2%

    B. His underwear 6.5%

    C. His robe 12.9%

    D. His State U. sweatshirt 32.3%

    8. The most common male fashion crime I witness on a regular basis is:

    A. Athletic socks worn with dress shoes 25.8%

    B. Pants that are too short 32.3%

    C. Grossly miscalculated uses of pattern 12.9%

    D. A suit that’s way too big 25.8%

    9. A man who dresses better than me:

    A. Would probably use all my expensive hair products 12.9%

    B. Is my hero 16.1%

    C. Yeah, right. Do you know who you’re talking to? 19.4%

    D. Is generally not interested in dating my gender 51.6%

    10. My man looks best in:

    A. Sneakers 35.5%

    B. Boots 32.3%

    C. Suede bucks 6.5%

    D. A shiny pair of dress shoes 19.4%

    11. I like it best when he comes to bed wearing:

    A. Those flannel pajamas with the big buttons 3.2%

    B. Just boxers 67.7%

    C. Just socks 0%

    D. Nothing at all 29%

    12. I like his jeans to fit:

    A. Like John Travolta’s in Urban Cowboy 3.2%

    B. Like Brad Pitt’s in Thelma and Louise 83.9%

    C. Like Jay-Z’s onstage 3.2%

    D. Like Huck Finn’s in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 3.2%

    13. The acceptable dollar amount for a man to spend on a haircut is:

    A. $15 29%

    B. $50 41.9%

    C. $100 22.6%

    D. $0; I’m good with a pair of shears 6.5%

    14. My favorite kind of suit on a man is a:

    A. Two-button 32.3%

    B. Three-button 51.6%

    C. Double-breasted 9.7%

    D. Sailor’s suit 3.2%

    15. My favorite type of men’s shirt is:

    A. A dress shirt with French cuffs 41.9%

    B. A knit, short-sleeved polo shirt 12.9%

    C. A plain white tee 42%

    D. A taut, ribbed tank top that shows off his guns 3.2%

    16. My favorite pattern for a man’s tie is:

    A. Paisley 6.5%

    B. Collegiate stripe 16.1%

    C. Plain, with texture 71%

    D. The ones with all those cute little sailboats on ’em 3.2%

    17. My favorite man in uniform is:

    A. Naval officer 35.5%

    B. Policeman 9.7%

    C. Fireman 51.6%

    D. My UPS guy 3.2%

    18. If my man asked me to pick one style icon for him to emulate, I would pick:

    A. Johnny Depp 25.8%

    B. George Clooney 61.3%

    C. Tom Wolfe 0%

    D. Kanye West 9.7%

    19. An average man becomes instantly bed-worthy when:

    A. He displays finely manicured hands 6.5%

    B. He wears an impeccably detailed dress shirt 22.6%

    C. He dons a tuxedo 29%

    D. He just doesn’t give a damn 32.3%

    20. A man should dress for:

    A. His mom 0%

    B. His boss 3.2%

    C. Me 35.5%

    D. Himself 61.3%

    Most Disturbing Advice on Jeans:

    “Above all, you’ve got to buy your jeans tight, guys, knowing they’ll stretch. Jeans that are too big are, in my opinion, men’s number-one fashion mistake.” -Lauren Gard, Marie Claire

    Most Welcome Advice on Scent:

    “All men have their own scent-whether it be cigarettes and river water or the Old Spice aftershave that his mom buys him-and if they’re sexy, then their smell is sexy.” -Polly Brewster, O

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