What is the PUA Day Game?

Guest post by Christine

It’s a term that is seen everywhere in the PUA community, and if you are new to the game, you are probably very curious about what it is. The term itself can even be confusing to the newbie. It’s not bad enough that you already feel that you don’t know anything about navigating the social scene, now you have to learn the differences between the night game and the day game? Yes. Any skill that you want to develop well is multi-faceted, and PUA is no different. Here’s the down and the low on what day game is, where you can learn it, and, most importantly, how to use it in order to do what you’re here for, to pick up women.

Day game is exactly what it sounds like. Think about it. When you’re in a club, you are going to use one approach. When you are at a coffee shop, you’re not going to use that same method. Not every guy likes to go out at night, and as the field is changing, not many are even able to. Let’s be real. We live in a society where “divorced men” is an actual demographic. Men that are dating are not just in their twenties any more. Few men in their fifties even want to consider gaming in clubs, but they still want to pick up women. And many men that have been married for years have no idea how much dating has changed. When the leaders in the industry realized this gap existed, the technique of the day game evolved.

Daygame at the Library
jeremy soul
Soul in field daygame footage
Yard approaching a girl during street game

Even though this technique was implemented to bridge the gap for men that didn’t want to learn club based techniques, the beauty of it is that it can still be used by anybody. Who doesn’t want to learn how to pick up women, any time, any where? Learning the day game then is essential for helping men pick up that woman at the grocery store, that woman in the marketing department, or even that woman that just happens to be walking by your house. The day game meets every need, for any situation, and can be adapted whether you’re just looking for a one afternoon lay, or for a long term girlfriend. In essence, no matter what stage you are in as a PUA, the day game gives you what you’ve been looking for…the freedom to date whoever and whenever you want.

Think about that woman that walks her dog by your house every day. Every day you watch her and think how cute she is. Then, you spend the rest of every day banging your head against the wall for not saying something. When you learn day game, you will never make that mistake again.

Many PUA instructors and coaches teach valuable day game seminars, workshops, and bootcamps. Leaders in the industry Love Systems are the most well known teachers of day game, and many of their teachers are considered the best in the industry for teaching day game. Jeremy Soul is a well known day game expert as one example, and many other Love Systems instructors have been rated as the best in the world by their students. Nick Hoss, another renowned instructor, was voted #1 Love Systems instructor at the 2011 Super Conference and served as an apprentice to the aforementioned Jeremy Soul. Mr. M, Keychain, and Future are among other renowned day game teachers.

When you learn day game, you will learn the difference between the day game and the night game so that you know what approach you need to pick up women. Body language, speech tactics, key social triggers, and powerful inner game techniques will be taught and used so that you can better pick up women while the sun is still shining. And day game is not just about the pick up itself, it is much more advanced than that. You will learn key management techniques to not only create, but manage the kind of relationship you are looking for. Whether you want that to last through the afternoon, or through many afternoons, day game principles are geared to take you wherever you want to go with her. If your goal is to get a social game that you can ensure will be successful in any situation, any learning without day game techniques will not be a comprehensive one.