What is Style?

Imagine the word “style” in your head. What is the first image that pops up for you?
For me, for a very long time the answer was “nothing”. I was completely neutral towards style. I didn’t have any positive or negative feelings towards it. When someone mentioned a fashion show, I simply thought it was a stage with people in dresses walking around and some photographers. My mental image of the whole fashion industry was simplistic and not that informed at best.

Then I got into the seduction community, and I began to change my notions of what “good looking” really means. Bored with my job at Google, I took up a part time sales associate position at the local Guess! store. There, I learned the importance of fabric, brand, colors, and how each accessory matches each shirt and jeans and how outfits are put together. Going to work and meeting the store manager meant having every little detail of my clothing in order. She was, after all, exquisite and very well put together, and the sales associates, the good ones at least, would follow suit.

Remember the movie The Devil Wears Prada? Andy started out as a girl next door who wanted to be a journalist, and slowly, she began to understand and appreciate the importance of style.

In a very simplistic sense, style is the expression of self.

It is your outer communication of your inner personality. There are things you can communicate with words that you cannot with style. And there area also many, many things you can communicate with style quickly and subtlety without words. This is the power of style.

People think that style is simply about brands, labels and fashion. This is all untrue. Fashion is about what is in right now. Fashion to Style is like E3 to Gaming. Fashion simply reflects the latest trends in style. Fashion changes with time and the season. Style does not. Brands reflect certain styles, but they are bottled up versions of different clothing items. True style comes from within. A stylish person can put together a great outfit without using any name brands at all.

People also confuse fashion and style with high price. This is not always true. Although having a budget helps a lot, its not necessary the amount of money you spend on the clothes rather the way the clothes come together.

Most importantly, a subset of good style is Attraction Fashion. The way you look can have a dramatic effect on the you people automatically respond to you, on a subconscious level. When mastered, styling can make an otherwise normal guy “good looking”. This power extends beyond women to social status, salary and social dynamics with strangers.

Finally, understanding style also means knowing when to turn it off. When you are sick or running you simply do not care about the way you look. Understanding style means knowing when it can be used to your advantage, and when it is taking advantage of you.

At the end of the day, there’s a certain element of cleanliness and self pride in being dressed well. But always remember, you are never fully dressed until you wear a smile.

Style, at the end of the day, is about communicating and expressing your inner personality to the outside world.


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