• “What if” Pain

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Regret Pain

    Quick Definition: The accumulated pain of regret that comes from inaction over a few sets, or a longer period of time in the PUA’s life.

    Full Definition:

    • When you fail to sarge a target, and think later ‘what if?’
    • What if she was attracted to you and it turned into a wonderful close?

    A lot of times, new aspiring artists fear rejection, or fear stepping out of their comfort zone. They think the rejection will hurt too much. Over a long period of time, they begin to realize that the pain of regret is far much worse.

    regret funny pua

    People that stay within their comfort zones generally end up feeling pain much later in life, because of their failure to adapt to the changing situations. Most people adapt every once in a while – either circumstances change and force them to do so, like graduation, having kids, or getting married. The worse people are the ones that don’t have to adapt, are not forced by circumstance. They may need the need to “change it up” every 5 or 10 years. This type of behavior, however, leaves much room for wanting more. PUAs in general are not of this mentality because as they are, they are seeking ways to empower their love lives.

    While in set, newbies often leave too early, leaving the girl sometimes confused because she liked him. Try to stay in set and see where it goes, if only for the learning experience. Avoid What If pain when possible, or learn to recognize it if you are asking as lot of “what if?” questions after being in field.

    Regret pua

    Very rarely do PUAs regret taking action in-field, unless it leads to an unnecessary fight. Those of us in field report that rarely happens, although this depends heavily on the type of guy you are and the group’s vibe.


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