The Naturalization of Game

In writing our definitions, we realized the extent to which the commercialization of a certain school heavily influenced the terminology that was considered “well known” within the community. As such, we feel like this is just the beginning of even more words and expressions that will help us define and pass on this artform.

Credit must be given to Mystery, who has meticulously outlined and defined his specific terminologies in addition to marketing it on a terminology and authority level better than most other gurus. In writing these definitions, we realized how much of an influence he has had, almost single-handedly, in defining key lingo that details the seduction process from the early days until now.

We also realized that the language reflected a lot of our culture, both good and bad. Lingo such as target, UG, FTC, sniper neg, STMFD exhibit our precision at objectifying a woman by breaking down, methodically, the art of pickup. At the same time, we found words like vulnerability, inner game, passive value, core confidence, emotional connection that expressed genuineness in bettering oneself and genuinely learning more about women.

With the public release of RSD’s The Blueprint Decodedblank square and PUA Training’s Ultimate Natural Game we are beginning to see a fundamental shift away from the tactical teachings of pickup, and a focus on natural, inner game. Tyler Durden articulates in the Blueprint: “In 2004, I had a staff meeting and asked everyone to drop what they were doing and focus only on natural approaches… the beginning was slow, but slowly and surely we began to figure it out.” With reality show TV producers approaching Tyler for shows and interviews, it was only a matter of time that these “techniques” became mainstream.  Thus, a more fundamental approach was required for real transformation to happen on a deeper level. Whereas women and others can always hate on a guy who uses these “tricks and techniques” to get a girl, there will never be a shortage of demand for real, genuine men who have their core confidence down. It is not good or bad, it just is. Here are the caveats:

  1. As intermediate PUAs may know, it is possible to use techniques, routines and tactics to have some level of success with a girl. To your AFC friends, you may appear to be the biggest pimp in the world by initiating a kiss close in front of him at a club. However, in reality, you are still not getting the freedom of sexual selection that you want. Trust me, I have been there. Thus, techniques will work to an extent, but they are easier and faster to pickup for the student. They are also easily marketable to the thousands of buyers who are looking for a quick fix.
  2. The other extreme is the constant of a true natural. In order to become a truly natural artist, just like any skill in life, it will take many years of practice, persistence, and learning. Being a natural is also very individualized. Not every PUA will fit the “alpha male rockstar” persona of Mystery or Matador. Finding out that you stand for as a PUA and what your core values are is key in developing natural game. To this extent, many natural products and teachings focus on frameworks, rather than specific techniques. This requires the aPUA to go out into the field and test his own theories and internalize what is real for him.

We hope this site gives people a sense of the history of this “tribe” of pickup artists and what we are really about. Ultimately, we want to be a constant in understand how PUA lingo relates to the evolution of the seduction industry in the past, present and future. We hope you find these definitions valuable on your journey. Be sure to bookmark the site and tell us what you think about so we can make this site awesome!


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