What are your Dreams?

If there was one thing that you could achieve in this lifetime that would make you feel like life was worth living, what would it be? If you died tomorrow, what would be the one thing that regretted not being able to do?

This is an important question to answer for any man who chooses to travel in a path of his own choosing. As I started asking my friends this question, I realized that most people haven’t really even thought about it.


In this post I will share my dreams with you.

Our dreams are derived,  I think, from our subconscious and the respective influences when we are growing up. Things that we realized that we really wanted to do.

Angeal tries to impart valuable knowledge to the young Zack Fair in Crisis Core:

For me, I always wanted to be a businessman. I saw my dad’s life in the diplomatic services, and although he had a lot of power, money did not go hand in hand. I also saw bureaucratic processes that didn’t fit with my innovative thinking. I believed that in business, the power of the market and supply and demand would ensure fair trade of skill and talent in the marketplace. To this day, I still believe this, although I am more jaded. I also wanted to be in the US because it was the one place where government corruption was at least kept in check and that a relatively fair market system allowed entrepreneurs to become whatever it is they wanted to be.

From a seduction viewpoint, I always wanted the skill to get the girl that I want. I’ve achieved some semblance of this, although it still takes me 2-3 weeks of consistently going out to get a full close or find a girlfriend. To me, having the mastery of understanding women and how to talk to them allows me to possess the freedom from fear of losing a girl. Most guys fear that they won’t find something better. I believe that any solid relationship requires the people in it to make decisions based on the dynamic of the relationship, instead of fear of the future. Any guy who doesn’t have this option will always betray his loyalty to himself, because he will sacrifice putting up with “good enough” when the fear keeps him in check in a mediocre relationship.

Mystery and Matador Demo for the boys in Season 2 of The Pick Up Artist

Besides from cold approach, my dream was always a mixture of business and women. I dream of owning an amazing house and mansion. In this house, everything that makes me, my family, and my friends happy exist. People come and go, and we live in harmony. We throw amazing parties with the hottest girls around, and I am the host. I have options with girls, however I am in love with the one that complete me. I have social value that I can pass around to those I care about, and I am able to provide a social center gravity for fun, sex, and the freedom of being for all my friends. That’s my dream. At least, one of these parties, before I die. Even if we have to “rent” everything and pay girls to be there, some semblance of achieving this, I believe, is a part of my destiny.

Example of Playboy Mansion Halloween Party:

So what are your dreams? What is the one thing you want to do with your life before you die? Think about it. Talk about it. Post it.

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