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    Wayfarers Ray Ban

    Wayfarers are another type of sunglasses popularized by Ray-Ban. As with Aviators, Wayfarers are slightly oversized sunglasses that cover a large portion of the face. However, unlike Aviators, Wayfarers have a boxier square frame.

    Wayfarers were most popular back in the ’80s, and have recently seen a resurgence thanks to Ray-Ban aggressively targeting celebrities with their sunglasses. Wayfarers have become popular among celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and Jay-Z, lending them an air of celebrity.

    Jay-Z Wayfarers

    Jay-Z always rocks the Wayfarers

    Wayfarers have pretty similar associations as Aviators, although Wayfarers have a slight stigma of being glasses for older people, as they were worn by baby boomers back in the ’80s. The squarer frames of Wayfarers also lends them a more geek chic look, although newer versions of Wayfarers sport rounder frames.

    If you have an overly rectangular face, Wayfarers may be a better fit for you than Aviators.

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