Way of Being

Quick Definition: The natural way a person moves through life.

Full Definition:

Matador explains this in the Venusian Arts:

Have you ever been attracted to somebody in a non-sexual way, and yet they possess high value for you but you don’t know why? A true, inspiring tribal leader or shaman will make a woman feel protected and this surrogate, but very real, jungle in which we live.

Take football for example. The qualities exemplified being a successful football player, intelligence, strength, and playing on a team, all qualities conducted to survival and replication.

If women preferred qualities such as stupidity and laziness, we would have competitions that demonstrated proficiency in these attributes. If these were qualities that prove to be valuable for survival and replication, we would celebrate them. However, this is not the case.

At one level, when you learn to play the game, you will create a sequence of gambits that are designed to demonstrate your preselected by women, and that demonstrate lifestyle, identity, and personality characteristics of that sort of man who is preselected by women.

But at a higher level, the game is not about systematically flipping the attraction switches at the woman’s mind. Rather, it is about taking on the appropriate qualities in yourself, in your own lifestyle, identity, personality, and emotional circuitry, so that woman’s attraction switches are naturally activated in your presence, as a way of being.

This way, you do not need to artificially game each woman or try to force each situation, but instead you can simply be yourself. Because certain qualities — beneficial to your survival — that you have adopted as part of your way of being, people are naturally drawn to you as a normal part of your experience and without having to game them. And that’s really what we have been is all about.

Your life and personality are pieces of art in the making. Imagine a life to be an empty canvas for every day you get to paint a masterpiece and perfect your art onto your time here is done. That’s how I view my life. I view my life as a piece of art of folding.

Thing is about defining what it means to be an attractive human being, an attractive male, and being on every day whether or not the cameras on. Being your true self when no one is watching.

Once you have understood and embraced this way of being both logically and emotionally, you will not want to go back because it is a superior way of life.

Tips for in field

if you are able to disconnect the source of this negative emotions and identified that the ego, and is active and passive forms, is always a force at play guiding your actions, spawning spiteful statements, holding on, maybe being resentful of the people that provide more effective or cleaner models of the world — if you are able to drop all of that — that you will really be free. You can go out into the field and play in the moment with great sincerity and care and yet not be too attached to any of the outcome.

In a completely equal state, you will feel free like a child again and you’ll be able to play. Have you ever seen a child look at you with innocence, love, warmth, and affection without the slightest inkling or comprehension that you might reject them, and even if they do, they really don’t register rejection as a possibility?

That’s freedom, freedom from social conditioning is freedom from ego.

… Let go a sense of self-consciousness and trust your way of being. Your way of being consists of qualities and characteristics that are universally attractive and that you are in the process of taking on as part of yourself. There’s no need to worry about whether you get results this time, or get results that time, because you already know that the results will come over time as long as you practice your way of being. You can trust that your way of being is superior, and therefore release yourself from any expectation or doubt that would normally make you reactive or try to force an outcome. Let go.



Work of your way of being… instead of specific tactics themselves.

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Source: Matador, Lovedrop

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