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AKA Ars Amorata

Quick Definition:
AKA Zan Perrion’s Enlightened Seduction (ES). Zan Perrion was an influential force in the early days of the seduction community. He has since branched out to becoming a seduction and life coach for both men and women all over the world.

Full Definition:

Zan Perrion is somewhat of an anomaly in the pickup community. In the beginning of the internet seduction days, he once wrote on the mASF forums, “This is great! I can’t believe there are others like me around the world who study the art of seduction”. He slowly learned PUA lingo and terms and started sharing his advice with guys on the forum. Over time, he has branched out and occasionally says from the onset of his talks that “I am not a pickup artist, I am a life artist. A seducer” (sometimes even comparing himself to the great Casanova).

Zan is unique from the other instructors in that he focuses on being real and using a man’s natural charm and personality to seduce the opposite sex. He focuses on natural ways of developing game. Unlike other mPUAs, he has a strong following of women who also take his classes. These classes focus on helping women become more intimate with men and developing a deeper understanding of their femininity.

Other PUAs have criticized Zan for his lack of “routines” or “techniques”, saying that philosophy is not always teach-able to others. The fact that he was an ex-model is also used against him when students or mPUAs alike say that his techniques only work for him because he is good looking. Nonetheless, Zan commands a loyal following in his seduction arts with men and women all over the world. In a strange way, his talks have a way of leaving artists and other folks alike feeling better about themselves than when they first walked into the room.

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Here’s how Zan describes his philosophy:

“I am immensely curious, charmed and fascinated, on an adventure, itinerant, having enormous fun in life, never needy, never attached to the outcome, never serious, but always sincere…

I am a lover of beauty, in all its forms… art, in all its forms…

I am a lover of life and its immense potential…

I am a lover of women, and if your heart is sincere, you will understand exactly what that means…

I am the seducer seduced… yes, that’s what I am: if you could see even one tenth of the beauty I see in a woman, you too would be seduced, you too would believe, you too would live your life surrounded by boundless beauty and grace.”

Zan on how women judge men’s looks:

Zan’s Presentation Style:

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