Quick Definition: Being unsure about a certain decision; showing weak intent in a pick up situation.

Full Definition:

Newbies tend to waiver, and expert PUAs do not. Wavering, unsure of what to do is fine for a newbie. Generally speaking, newbies want to take action at all times, because even those that lead to mistakes can still learn from their mistakes.

Women can sense if a guy wavers during an opener. She can smell it on him. Is this guy flinching, or wavering in his intent? Is so, is he for real?

A guy who is wavering… nervous to talk to the girl
A guy who has intent, who doesn’t waver

The higher degree of wavering during your seduction, the more likely you are to receive shit tests. Either you pass them, or the girl breaks you down to be a phoney. This is their defense mechanism for seeing if you are a real man.

The character Harvey Specter may be an asshole at times, however he never waivers even in tough situations:


You are wavering on this girl. Either game her hard or drop her and move on!

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