Warm-Up Set

Quick Definition: The first few sets that a PUA approaches when he goes sarging, which gets him into a social mode.

Full Definition:

Warm-up sets are a helpful tool for getting a PUA into state. It is often difficult for people to get into a fun, party atmosphere, especially if one works in a boring 9-5 office job. Warm-up sets help to break the PUA out of his office worker mentality and get him into a playful and social mode.

Typically, PUAs warm-up on bouncers, bartenders, doormen, and other easy targets that are low pressure approaches. Other PUAs will purposely try to crash & burn on their first set, for example going up to a woman and asking: “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?” Whatever happens next, any sets the PUA approaches for the rest of the night should be easier than the first one.

Whatever targets the PUA chooses to warm-up with, it is important to remain outcome independent and not come down on oneself if the sets do not go well. While this is an important mentality to have in general, it is especially important with warm-up sets, as these sets help to set the tone for the rest of the night. The purpose of warm-up sets should just be to have fun, banter, and loosen up for a night of partying.


I had a rough day at work, so I had to do a couple of warm-up sets before I was feeling ready to party.

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