Warm Approach

Quick Definition: An approach on a woman with whom the PUA is already acquainted, or who shows some interest in him.

Full Definition:

A warm approach is a blanket term used to refer to any approach that is not a cold approach on a complete stranger. Usually, this takes place during social circle game, where both the PUA and the girl have a mutual friend in common. That commonality is usually enough to break the ice, which makes starting a conversation and a relationship with her a lot easier than if the PUA had just run into her in the street.

A warm approach can also refer to when a pick up artist reopens a set that he already previously opened, and left on a positive note. For example, using the technique of short setting, a pick up artist may very quickly meet and talk to everyone in a venue. Even though the PUA is only able to give a brief introduction of himself in that time, just that little bit of a connection is usually enough to make the PUA’s next approach a warmer one.

PUAs also use the term “warm approach” to refer to easy approaches. In this context, a warm approach can mean approaching a girl who is throwing out heavy IOIs, or approaching someone in a situation where the pickup artist is already social proofed. A warm approach in these cases is an easy approach on someone who is at least somewhat interested, rather than an approach on a stranger who hasn’t shown the slightest bit of interest.


This is a house party that my friend is throwing, so there will be a lot of warm approaches.

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