Quick Definition: An exposure of one’s personal areas of weakness or sensitivity.

Full Definition:

A strong part of game is to not be afraid to expose one’s vulnerabilities. This does not mean pouring one’s heart out to the first girl that one talks with. Rather, it is being congruent with one’s humanity. For example:

HB: “You must have a lot of friends, watching you work the room like that”

PUA: “Actually, I can be a lone wolf sometimes. I enjoy time alone. It gives me clarity and time to think whenever I jog at night.”

GPUAs often make the mistake of trying to hide away all of their vulnerabilities by putting on a strong face for the girl they are interested. However, hiding one’s weaknesses actually comes across as incongruent, insecure, and dishonest.

The better strategy is to actively and confidently demonstrate one’s weaknesses. Doing so displays confidence, which is an attractive quality to women. It seems counterintuitive, but a weakness is only a weakness if the PUA sees it that way, and tries to hide it—a weakness that is confidently displayed is actually a strength.


It is important to demonstrate some vulnerability to disqualify yourself and build an emotional connection.

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