• Voice Attraction

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: AKA Vocal Attraction. The art of producing an attractive voice tone.

    Full Definition:

    Various books have been written on increasing the quality of one’s voice. While not everyone will have a smooth movie-over voice, everyone has potential to increase the attractiveness of their voices.

    An artist can dramatically improve his game if he works on his voice. Imagine having the right style, walk and opener, and the moment you start talking, a squeaky voice comes out? Most guys fall into the range of acceptable voices, but the ones that stand out on the high scale receive attention and the ones that are lower on the scale also receive negative attention.

    There are several ways to improve voice tonality, and many coaches practice the following:

    1. Slowing down your speech – just slowing it down and being unafraid to pause gives you more power and dynamic to your speech.
    2. Voice inflection – allowing your sentences to have high notes and low notes, like singing a song
    3. Pronounciating and elongating certain syllables within a sentence
    4. Increasing the volume of your voice

    Example of why we sound different on recordings:

    Example of voice / singing training:

    Books that further discuss this topic include:


    Work of your voice attraction by singing in the shower.

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