Vince Lynch

At the young age of 16 Vince began hypnotizing, and writing products for the internet on how to hypnotize. In 2004 he kept a blog on his ability to hypnosis strangers in the street with rapid hypnosis inductions, instant inductions, as well as been able to do waking hypnosis on strangers.

A great deal of the content was dedicating to been able to write text messages, to write emails, to write messages that would be able to make the receiver feel compelled towards the concept that he wanted to embed in their mind.

As a child Vince had a passion for classical philosophy, and would find himself reading continuously; when he was offered the opportunity to coach, and train some of his knowledge on hypnotizing in the street on various hypnosis and hypnosis courses Vince felt that his dream of wanting to become a lecturer had occurred, that his hard work at a young age had paid off.

Vince became one of the innovators of the Street Hypnosis movement which has been the most popular trend in hypnosis to occur in the last 50 years. The level of interest in Vince’s work has meant he has delivered trainings in cities all across the world.

“Since we began promoting this new way of doing hypnosis, the level of interest has really taken off… if you look on YouTube or do a quick search for Street Hypnosis today, you’ll find over 158,000 articles and posts, and over 7,000 videos. It’s growing exponentially fast!”

Vince has worked with Arash Dibazar, Obsession Systems, GetmetheGirl and many other successful firms, with regards to their hypnosis and their training.

In 2008 Vince successfully designed a system that would allow an individual to be able to really be able to discover a strangers PIN number or passwords just by using plain old psychological techniques but finely tuned for that task. Vince has delivered lectures and coaching sessions at various conferences, such as those with companies such as Igor Ledochowski, Head Hacking, Anthony Jacquin, Hypnosis Training Live, and Jay Noblezada.

In 2011/2, Vince ran trainings in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Lisboa, and setup an online training company that delivered his specially designed routines.

The format and structure that Vince teaches is a zero hypnosis method, but says that it nothing like acting, he says “we have an actual formula to make decisions on behalf of the person we are speaking to, their normal decision making process isn’t interfered or interrupted with… it does just as usual, it’s just they make the decisions that you have designed them to take.”

Its’ simple “all decisions have an emergent quality, they aren’t decided from the moment you think of them… their properties emerged many seconds before as various schemas were activated.. our indirect escalation model does just that… but once they have the idea in place.. we raise their emotion.. kick their adrenaline. And then they find they are unable to stop concentrating on the decision already present.”

If you would like to more about his techniques or would like an internship with an expanding company then please visit

Vince Lynch Introduction Video

vince lynch

vince lynch

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