Vibe / Vibing

Quick Definition: A feeling and sense of a person’s aura and personal magnetism, or lack thereof. “Vibing” is the expression of that sensation with others.

Full Definition:

When “vibing” when someone, one usually experiences happy and positive emotions. A vibe reflects a person’s aura, projecting his frame and feelings onto those around him. Positive vibes are contagious, while negative vibes repel.

Vibing (AKA Personal Magnetism) is described in more detail by Theron Dumont, where he explores the science of personal magnetism triggers. While some people are innately more charismatic or “magnetic,” this skill can be developed over time by everybody. There are also those that lack “vibe,” either positive or negative. These people usually do not have very strong desires or feelings towards things in life, and usually cannot “vibe” to their potential until they find something worthwhile in their lives to pursue.

Vibes can also be of a negative nature, such as “that guy had a really creepy vibe.”

Turtle giving out a creepy vibe:


It is important to develop a consistent control of your vibe so that your confidence is not always situational.

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