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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Review of the Revelations eBook and DVD Series from Venusian Arts.

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    DVD Package details:

    The ORIGINAL Revelation Package| The Revelation PLUS Package:
    Revelation e-BookRevelation e-Book
    Revelation Printed BookRevelation Printed Book
    Inside Mystery’s Brain Audio CDsInside Mystery’s Brain Audio CDs
    The Vault DVD setThe Vault DVD set
    Cheat SheetsCheat Sheets
    Kiss the Girl ebook (Physical Escalation)
    Mystery’s In-Field Adventures
    Questions and Answers for Mystery
    Mystery’s Personal Video Series
    $1000 Voucher Towards Seminar Training

    When I first got into game in 2007 I was a big fan of Mystery. His first book, The Mystery Method (published late 1998) completely changed my world view of seduction, girls and pickup. Looking back, it had a slight negative effect as well because we tend to give a lot of mental influence to the first things we read about a subject. As such, my game was extremely structure-based and routine based and I never realized how important inner game, confidence and personal uniqueness was until years later.

    Revelations takes the old Mystery Method concepts and launches them into the stratosphere. Those of you who are familiar with MM will find, in this e-book the materials you needed to execute The M3 model as well as details on how to pair up your inner game development with structured game calibrations. The contents of the book include:

    revelations content

    Structure of Game

    Unlike the previous MM, the authors break down structure of game quite well. They acknowledge that there are different levels of communication happening all at once over time in a pickup:

    seduction timeline

    Revelations does an excellent job in explaining what it means to carry on a normal conversation like a real person, not a machine. In doing so, you can still keep track on calibrations such as IOIs. One of the MM cornerstones if the idea of qualification and DHVs. To this end, it explains why negs and disqualification can spark certain emotions in different girls. For example, part of the goal of a disqualifier (“I am not hitting on you”) is the lower the girl’s otherwise high bitch shield in a club. The “Zen of Cool” concept is also amazing at explaining the paradox of calibrating to a girl’s emotions and the being the “life of the party” situation, while remaining a “ghost” to negativity and attacks of certain people or events.

    Evolutionary Backdrop

    Evolutionary biologists research and test scientific theories of why we behave the way we do via evolution. PUAs, MM students in particular, come up with specific tactics to leverage these rules of biology in field. I always loved the scientific approach MM takes in explaining the evolutionary theory behind certain behaviors, and how those behaviors can be encouraged or discouraged via social interactions.


    I think the new Revelations covers the bases previously missed by The Mystery Method: the inner game and personality aspect of the M3 structure, the lifestyle development and long term aspects of game, and the events where structured game isn’t required. The new revelations is insightful and full of detailed explanations and pictures of Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop in the field. One of the drawbacks is that it seems like Lovedrop did most of the writing, although 3 authors are listed, it would have been nice to get longer pieces from Mystery and Matador.

    venusian arts revelations authors

    The DVDs

    The videos are worth watching. You see in-field footage of Mystery and Matador. You also get a simulated one on one coaching on video. For example, in one scene Matador demos micro-calibration with a model looking brunette wearing nothing but his dress shirt. However, the DVD prices are relatively high, and this made it less affordable for those of us looking for something more within budget. The E-book, however, is worth every penny at less than $100 dollars.

    You can purchase the Revelations E-Book here, and the DVD series here.

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