Quick Definition: A complex term in the community,  that has many forms and variations. The general definition of value is the anything that another provides to improve the subject’s chance of survival and replication. Beyond this, value can mean anything that offers another person good emotions that also ultimately align with things that also increase one’s S&R success. (I.e. Taking drugs to feel ‘good’ is does not count)

Full Definition:

From a biological standpoint, value relates to our ability in life to survive and replicate. It is interesting how many of our actions tie back to this, despite backwards rationalization of other reasons. Social value is also defined as good emotions and a positive outlook in life. A mPUA learns to define value for himself, and realizes that true value is gained from himself and his relationship with the world. Value is not derived from other people, but from within us and our ongoing ping and pong with the reality around us.


Do you think rich people have a high inner value of themselves?

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