Value Connector

Quick Definition: A person with access to specialized or rare resources.

Full Definition:

Value connectors can be social connectors or dead ends. They do have something that social connectors and dead ends do not have, which is access to exclusive resources. A value connector can be the bouncer at the bar, or the owner of the exclusive beauty salon. The bouncer can be a social connector, or maybe he is just really a loner.

In either case, he has access to a popular club, and this makes him a value connector. Serum is the door man at a club. He is able to let his friends in for free. This makes him a very valuable connector for visiting friends. There are also non-social value connectors: for example, knowing an “in” at the consulate during visa time or knowing the admissions director at a top business school or having a buddy who works for the company you are about to interview for.

Value connectors are very useful, and oftentimes we do not know they are value connectors until it is too late. The idea is to befriend as many people as possible and keep an eye out for people that are value connectors to the events of organizations that are important to your goals. This doesn’t mean you should befriend someone purely based on a game of survival and replication value.

Rather, just being aware of the concept, while still believing in the best in people. This will largely increase the effectiveness and happiness of our social game. As Tyler would say, “Always believe in the best in people, but know the deal.”


I may be a value connector, but my social circle is not that big.

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