• Valentines Day Opener

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

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    I just created a Valentine’s Day themed opener which you can use for the next few weeks! Seasonal openers are pretty thin on the ground. There are especially few for Valentine’s Day. With some slight tweaking you can make it work all year round:”

    Let me ask you something…My friend had a difficult situation on Valentines Day. He basically planned to take his girlfriend for an amazing dinner, but a few days before she said she had to work. That was fine, they had a great day the day before. But, on Valentines day, he remembered he needed to cancel the table, but while his girl was at work, he had a thought. He had a friend who was single, and she was his good friend, he thought it would be a really kind thing to do to take her since she had just split up with her boyfriend and was feeling down. He tried to call his girl but she was at work and didn’t answer. He went ahead and went to dinner with this girl, when his girlfriend came home from work, she went mad! They almost split up and still might. We were talking about it and disagreed on whether he was wrong or not, what do you thinik?”

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