Quick Definition: A conversational void deliberately created to elicit a thoughtful response from the other person.

Full Definition:

The vacuum is a conversational technique developed by Juggler useful in getting a woman to open up during rapport. Basically, the vacuum is a deliberate and expectant silence the PUA uses to get the other person to elaborate on a specific topic. By vacuuming, the PUA creates a slightly uncomfortable silence that the other person feels compelled to fill, and also demonstrates that the PUA is genuinely interested in the answer to his questions—he will not settle for a simple answer.

The vacuum is especially useful when the PUA asks a thoughtful, open ended question, but receives only a short and simple response. For example, if the PUA were to ask a big question such “What are you passionate about?” and receives a short, one word answer, he could encourage the woman to elaborate by using the vacuum:

PUA: What are you passionate about?

HB: Traveling.

PUA: (expectant silence)

HB: …Yeah, I really like visiting new places and the exploring somewhere I’ve never been before.

PUA: That’s awesome! I can totally relate to your love of exploration, like this one time I was in Greece… (reward and relate)

In this way, the PUA is able to use the vacuum to create a conversational void and draw out a more thoughtful answer from his target. The vacuum is also a good way to demonstrate that the PUA has good listening skills, is present in the moment, and actually cares about the answers to his questions; he’s not just asking meaningless questions to make conversation.


Try vacuuming if you get an answer you’re not happy with.

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Source: Charisma Arts

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