Quick Definition: A figurative bubble that is said to form around two people who are so engrossed in conversation that they lose awareness of the rest of the world.

Full Definition:

Us-bubbles are usually formed during rapport when you are connecting with a target at such a deep level that you both become unaware of your surroundings and the rest of the set. An us-bubble is something that emerges naturally by being in the moment with a woman. It can be a great way to build a deeper connection with the target.

Some methods of creating an us-bubble include closing off your body language to the rest of the set, so that you are physically isolated from the rest of the group, or role-playing scenarios where you and the target have to band together against the rest of the world, creating an “us-versus-them” dynamic shared between you and the girl.

Once an us-bubble is created, the connection is always there. Look at the best kiss scenes from the MTV Movie Awards and how they are able to replicate this on stage:


We were so into each other, it was like we were in an us-bubble!

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