Unthinking Masses

Quick Definition: The reference to the large social group-think and how people behave differently in groups that govern the overarching social pressures of a society. For example, America’s political marketing campaigns aimed at the masses. This constant unthinking masses follows and creates trends that set the overall social guidelines.

Full Definition:

Unfortunately society’s harmony and stability requires the unthinking masses to exist. These masses behave based on the latest trends and follow guides and tips that are aimed as “mass market” mentalities. For example, the idea of workout plans, or mass dieting and exercising programs sell very well. However most people know that individual training and energy is needed to really get in shape.

Similarly, America has certain tendencies to commercialize everything, and to be more focused on guns, religion and Jerry Springer TV. Most people live a life that is defined for them already, unknowing to them, via the unthinking masses. Owen suggests a different life, a possibility of a life of your own making. While RSD’s goal is to get good with girls, ultimately what we want is the option and freedom. Beyond that, it is your personal choice whether to marry and have kids or what not. However, in not viewing reality clearly and realistically, we often end up living someone else’s life.

Lemmings_unthinking masses

Be aware of the unthinking masses, and practice unplugging from the Matrix often. Without effort, focused and conscious thought, it is easy to be dragged into the unthinking masses again because of their size and the constant slight social pressure that is always there as a place-holder for anything else that may be more important. Thus, people who have no goal or no importance to their lives tend to gravitate the this type of group-think behavior.

Owen talks about how politics has been dumbed-down and the candidates can’t even talk deeply about the real issues:


Don’t be like the unthinking masses man think for yourself!

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