Unconditional Love

Quick Definition: Love for another person or living being, inconsequential of their actions or beliefs.

Full Definition:

Unconditional love can find its origins in the Bible, where Jesus forgives the sins of man despite his actions in the eyes of God. In behavioral therapy, unconditional love means to love someone, and this love is separate from the individual’s behaviors. Therefore, loving them as is. A mother’s love for her child will either produce an outcome of being spoiled or having good values.

Unconditional love plays an important role in relationships and relationship management. Does the person genuinely love the other? Or is their love based on the other person’s behavior? On some level, we are all affected by day to day behavior, but can we love another person’s BEING, their essence?

cable saving hope
cable saving hope (Xmen)

Unconditional love, for the right person (mother, sister, daughter, son), can be a huge DHV, as it shows healthy emotions and the willingness to protect those around him. This unconditional love, however, must stem from place of sincerity for any long term relationship.

A common routine that PUAs use is that of brotherly love:

When I was in high school my brother got picked on sometimes by his classmates. I was on the basketball team, and one day I saw these kids being mean to him. I paused my dribbling at practice and walked over and said, ‘What’s up bro’ and nodded. I stood there and glared at the other kids. They scampered away. On the way home, I told my bro, ‘Listen, always remember, that I am the ONLY person that can make fun of you. No one else should ever have that privilege.’

This type of strong character and willingness to protect what’s right is very attractive, to men and women.


My love for my family is unconditional.

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