• Unbreakable – The Confidence and Game To Get What You Want Review

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Unbreakable is an online video course (downloadable) produced by Christian Hudson and Nick Sparks of The Social Man.  When the thoughts in your head and the words coming out of your mouth are confident, charming, and compelling – and in complete alignment, you have rock- solid Unbreakable Game.


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    This program  is pretty much a dating manual with everything you need to know to become good. It is basically The Social Man’s explanation of dating science. Subjects covered include how to be attractive, how to connect with women, how to calibrate and understand their emotions, and how you should learn to get good with women to not waste too much time. It is for someone between Beginner to Intermediate in dating technique. The down to earth language makes this accessible and easy to digest. They use a lot of common words and terminology to explain things with examples and visual diagrams to get the more complex points across.


    It’s a bit of a rehash of other products. If you’ve seen products from Venusian Arts, Love Systems or Real Social Dynamics this will not seem like new material. On the upside this one product could eliminate the need for multiple other beginners products, catapulting you to straight to intermediate level.  In fact this may be the one and only product to start with due to its simple down to earth approach to dating science.

    Emotional warfare
    Christian and Nick put a lot of emphasis on emotions, from their emotional continuum concept to just about everything they talk about. This may be the most important thing you get out of this program, recognising and controlling your emotions in a dating situation. Cultivating unbreakable emotions, confidence and dating game skills ensures you are a triple threat.

    The Best Bits

    Their advice as to how to learn the game is gladly received. More complex advanced methods are often distracting if the basic fundamentals are not well practiced. Unlike other methods, they mention “Super Powers” are the last thing to learn and sometimes not even necessary.

    This is a great for beginners because it is comprehensive in dating science theory, bad if you don’t like getting bogged down in loads of new concepts and then have to remember and apply them on the hop. If you need to take it slower other products like the Double Your Dating eBook or the Attraction Code will be better to start off with.

    All in all, a good solid product to start with and the audio format makes it easy to listen to on the go.

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