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    AKA Unapologetic attitude

    Quick Definition: A certain state that the individual gets into whereby he is unapologetic about his behavior and who he really is—not to be confused with being overly arrogant or unsympathetic.

    Full Definition:

    One of the great elements of game and charisma is the unrestrained display of one’s personality, without fear of retaliation or fear of one’s self. In game, often times guys are afraid of the responses women may give them or the negative reaction of others. As such, they tailor themselves into behaving nicely but un-truthfully about who they really are. Compare this to the asshole, the other extreme. Although he has negative characteristics of being unethical and rude, he is at least honest about who he is. As such, his game is in most cases stronger than a “nice guy.”

    Being apologetic can backfire, as some people will not like you for who you really are. But then again, even if you display a “planned” version of yourself, some people will not like you either. As such, it is usually better to be unapologetic about certain parts of your character that you want other people to know.

    Example of unapologetic behavior in an interview of Russell Brand:


    Craig was unapologetic about what he wanted in that meeting, good for him!

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    Tony Ryan December 7, 2010 - 5:22 pm

    A few great examples of unapologetic in the music industry would be:

    – Johnny Cash
    – Marilyn Manson
    – Eminem


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