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  • Ugly Girl (UG)

    By on December 27, 2008

    Quick Definition: A girl who is relatively ugly by most standards.

    Full Definition:

    An UG is a girl who is, by most standards, relatively unattractive, and this fact is generally known to other men and women in the venue.

    It is important to understand an UG’s friendship with the target, as she may be attractive to and best friends with the HB. UGs also often feel contempt at players talking up their friend and not them. The other extreme is that she is used to it, and generally becomes sad or ignorant of the conversation. As a PUA, it is important to give the UG attention and treat her like a human being. This can only work to the PUA’s advantage. In the former case, she will no longer become a cock block; in the latter, you can DHV by showing others that you are not judgmental of one’s looks (even if this is not true).

    Examples of Ugly Girls:


    Don’t ignore the UG, she could be her best friend.

    Related Terms: UGCB, AFOG, FUG

    Source: Mystery

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