• Two-Part Kiss Opener

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    By Style (Neil Strauss)

    If a guy is dating a girl, and she goes out to a bar… and gets drunk and makes out with a GIRL for fun, is it cheating?Yeah, I know, new opinion openers are getting tired. But there IS a hole in opinion openers, and this one fills it. The problem is that the most commonly used opinion openers (jealous girlfriend, david bowie, who lies more, etc) appeal mostly to women. And most of us are approaching mixed sets.

    So this new one, which I’ve been using consistently for months now (and am loathe to give away but just can’t help myself for some reason), is designed to do several things. It appeals to guys first and foremost; women get super- into it also; and it provides a way to AMOG guys in front of women.

    So, without further ado (okay, maybe a little more ado), I humbly present for your consideration…The Two-Part Kiss Opener.

    PUA: Hey guys, we’re having a debate and need a quick opinion on something. If a guy is dating a girl, and she goes out to a bar with her friends one night and makes out with a guy just for fun, is it cheating?

    GROUP: Yeah, it’s cheating.

    PUA: Okay, that makes sense. So here’s the real question. And I’ll tell you why I’m asking in a second: If she goes out and gets drunk and makes out with a GIRL for fun, is it cheating?

    GROUP: (the responses will vary, but if any guys say “no,” you can bust on them for having a double-standard etc.)

    PUA: Okay. Interesting. The reason I’m asking is because my friend over there has been dating this girl. And she likes to go out and get drunk and make out with girls. Now, some guys might be into that, but it pisses him off and he thinks it’s cheating. She says it isn’t. So we were trying to figure out who was right.

    GROUP: (discussion ensues, which you will have to soon cut off and move into your next piece of material because they will go on and on about this and stale the topic and convo)

    Enjoy. It’s a nice change of pace for those who love Jealous Girlfriend but are tired of it. Report back on your results.


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    fisherman July 8, 2011 - 7:58 am

    love this

    Noah July 28, 2011 - 12:37 pm

    And what do I say next?
    “Aa.. you guys are good at this, are you all cheaters?”


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