TwentySix (Barry Kirkey)

TwentySix is well known within the seduction community for being one of the key characters in the novel, The Game, by Neil Strauss. His name comes from the fact that he first got into the game as a virgin at the age of 26. He also later went by the alias “Extramask”.

In addition to pickup, Barry Kirkey is a comedian and online radio show host, where he takes an irrelevant look at current events, and often pokes fun at the seduction community and its so-called “gurus”.

He likes to talk with a gay lisp as part of his act.

TwentySix Quotes

I do a lot of things with this cell phone, and it doesn’t even work.  I just like to talk into it and pretend that I’m the man, especially if I feel uncomfortable at a club. Your cell phone is your best wingman.

Some AFC dudes who just joined this site are probably thinking ‘what a dick face. This site is mean to women and I love women and I won’t be mean to them like this.’ I love women too…and this is not being mean to them…they like this. My name is 26.