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    A tunic is a primitive shirt that is primarily distinguished by the fact that it is a two-piece construction.  It was initially a male garment, but now, it is largely seen in modernity as a woman’s garment.  Tunics are often stylish blouse-like tops, often made from cotton or cotton-like fabrics.  Historically, tunics were any garments that were essentially shirts, and could be worn in lengths going to the waist, the knees, or even beyond.

    tradional mens tunic

    Greek and Roman men and women in Antiquity would wear tunics routinely.  In Antiquity, the length of one’s tunic directly correlated with their status in society.  Women’s tunics could be either loose fitting or more body hugging, whereas men’s tunics were loose.  During the Medieval period, tunics once again varied in lengths, but as they became increasingly “popular,” or at least the norm in northern European countries, their lengths were usually longer, probably to shield men and women from the elements, especially in the colder months of the year.

    Once the tunic became a trend in modern times, men and women alike still wore them, but the fashion of each changed considerably.  For boys and men, tunics began to have belts (cloth and otherwise), something that did not exist before the 19th century.  Although previous versions of tunics were worn with belts – particularly among warrior men – the 19th century version ironically included belts, but was also lengthened and fashion more into a long jacket or coat. The demands of war dictated that heavier, longer materials were needed to keep soldiers warm.

    stylized mens tunic

    Currently, tunics are primarily worn by women.  They come in various styles, designs, colors and fabrics.  Tunics can be dressed up or down.  Dressed down usually just requires just wearing a plain tunic with jeans of other casual pants, and casual shoes.  However, if a woman wanted to dress up a tunic, she could accessories with jewelry such as earrings or a watch or bracelet, etc.   Sometimes, embroidered and jeweled tunics provide enough accessories on their own and there is no need to add any additional accessories; actually, doing so may look overdone, which is fashion mistake.

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