Trust Test

Quick Definition: A request for compliance that requires a level of trust from the target.

Full Definition:

A trust test is a technique to get feedback within a particular social interaction with a girl. This is different than a compliance test because it requires a higher level of trust. Compliance can be nonverbal, such as laying a hand on the girl’s shoulder. A trust test requires some strong non-verbal or verbal indication. “Close your eyes,” would be a trust test. The girl will ask, “Why?” and you must give her a plausible reason. If she does not have enough trust in you, she usually will not comply. If she’s in a negative emotional state, she will not.

Imagine if a stranger walked up to you and asked you to close your eyes. You probably would not, right? A level of rapport and comfort is required for a trust test. A simple trust test from MM is to ask the her to put her hand out, then move your hands down. If she follows you down, she likes you or feels positive towards you. If she does not, it generally means she hasn’t warmed up to you yet. Or, she could just be a bit slow, so don’t over-read any one particular social interaction.

Watch Mike run a trust test at 3:30 for a gum technique that ends in a spectacular kiss close:


Use a trust test to see if you have enough rapport with her at this point.

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