True Calling

Quick Definition: Our ultimate purpose in life.

Full Definition:

In Hinduism there is a belief that a person is born to perform certain duties and that his or her soul enters the physical body which is most suitable to perform these. This concept is called Dharma and loosely translated means ‘true calling’ or the ‘rightful duty’ of a person. Finding your true calling in life is a profound experience because once you do, everything you do in your day to day life becomes significant. From the mundane everyday tasks to much bigger endeavors, they all take on a whole different meaning because they either take you closer or away from your true calling.

When you find your true calling, you are instilled with an almost fanatical belief in your own inherent potential, and you will know with all your heart that you will pursue that calling or die in the attempt. The most successful people in our world, from billionaire businessmen, A-list actors and world class sportsmen, are all individuals that have discovered their true calling and pursued it until they’ve reached success.

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But no one is born with our true calling clear in our minds from birth. Most people discover their true calling over the course of their life. And some even go their whole lives without finding it. So how do you go about finding your true calling?

To find your true calling, you must first go about realizing your core values. Your core values are what you believe to be most important to your existence. For example, an athlete’s core values could be accomplishment and success. Once you find your core values, you will find it easier to evaluate whatever paths you take in life on the basis of if they lead you to these core values. And your true calling will most likely lie down the paths that do.

It is also important to learn through trial and error. Very few people stumble upon their true calling on the first attempt. More often than not, it takes a few failed attempts and the lessons learned to come upon your true path. For example, System of a Down’s front man Serj Tanakian owned a software development company before he decided to completely focus on music and his band.

And last but not least you must trust your gut instinct. So many people over-analyze whatever they do in life to such a degree that they completely ignore their powers of intuition. Some of the most successful businessmen, generals, athletes and world leaders have been people that have been able to rely on both their intellect and instincts.

Usage: He seemed to find his true calling in becoming a master pickup artist.

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