Quick Definition: A group of people having a common character, occupation, or interest. In pickup, refers to a social group of people that share a specific type of lifestyle.

Full Definition:

The history of tribes has been studied, and their social dynamics continue to exist even with the modern population explosion. However, our minds have not yet adapted to the complexity of our surroundings at the same speed. Group theory, leadership theory, and compliance theory all originate from tribal cultures. In fact, an overwhelming majority of our biological responses are our biological systems’ adaptations to the tribal group system.

It is thus important to convey that the PUA and his “Entourage” are the leadership group, and that the PUA is a leader of men. Women are biologically hardwired to respond to this, and the result is attraction. When going out or in social gatherings, it is important to convey a sense of personality with the artist’s entourage, and essentially be a tribe that is so interesting and diverse in its lifestyle and culture that other people and tribes will want to visit you to get a taste of your lifestyle.

Population explosion in our world today
Population explosion in our world today


When our social circle goes out we definitely form our own “avatar” tribe that others want to meet.

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