Tribal Leader

Quick Definition: The leader of a social group.

Full Definition:

Tribal leaders can exist in small social groups, or larger ones. Sometimes the leader is not officially announced, much like an unconscious alignment of social values. A perfect example is the wolf pack of the Hangover. In the first movie, no one really stood out. Eventually Bradley Cooper started being the group leader and this became apparent in Hangover Part 2.

Every night when PUAs go out, there is a de facto leader. Sometimes the leader is the guy with the most game, other times, he’s the guy who knows the most people in that group (social connector). Even other times, there can be multiple leaders in a really big group. Whatever the case, with new groups, it is usually the guy with the highest perceived social value.

You can set a precedence or preload value if people talk about you at a party, or before a party. or throw a party on your behalf. The groom at the wedding is always the center of attention. Over time, tribal leaders develop based on real, not perceived, value. The guy with the most ambitious life goals. Therefore the tallest, best looking guy may be the de-facto leader of the night, but over time, any other guy can compete him on more permanent social qualities that allow a group to thrive in any environment.

Alex the Lion became the natural leader of the herd

Tribal leaders change depending on the circumstances. The leader of a camping expedition is likely to be smart, good with maps, and able to set up camp. A leader in a PUA community may be a guy who is good with game. The best PUA may be a dick and not be the leader in a startup, business position.

In the post-zombie apocalypse world of The Walking Dead, the leader is a ex-cop and a hunter who knows how to survive in the wild.

Therefore every situation has its own tribal leaders. The group dynamics and the social mind are generally great a discerning who the leader should be that is most beneficial for the group’s survival and replication.


If a wrong leader assumes power and position and is not able to fulfill the task of being the tribal leader, he is usually replaced within a short time depending on the balance of power between the leader and the second-in-line.

UsageThere are a lot of responsibilities as the tribal leader.

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