Tribal Knowledge

Quick Definition: Privileged knowledge passed on within the inner circles of a tribe that is either deliberately blocked from outsiders or simply unavailable unless you are a member of the tribe.

Full Definition:

The idea of “tribal knowledge” originated from the Management Consulting Industry and Enterprise Software. It refers to very detailed areas of knowledge that one would not be able to learn if they are not in that particular group of a large organization, or a very distinct large organization. Management consulting firms possess “files” on each consulting engagement and organize these into libraries of business scenarios and information. Partners teach younger associates the art of selling consulting assignments, and so forth.

In enterprise software, old engineers have experience with legacy systems and how they work, which is instrumental in developing crossovers to newer versions of software upgrades.

Similarly, in pickup, there are distinct fields of knowledge that are only available to certain schools. For example, Adam Lyon’s “Entourage Game” was a closely guarded secret. Over the years, he taught it to high paying private clients and also members of his entourage or “tribe.” He only recently released it on PUA Training’s PU University DVDs. Even so, specific principals behind entourage game are still missing, and a full review would include living with Adam and actually watching him develop female friends and generating mass attraction via over-hyped pre-selection.

Mystery also has many ideas that he did not cover in his published material, which he may only convey to his students in a face to face setting or can only be noticed when watching him in person. Each PUA is more than the sum of their theories. In association with these mPUAs, one starts to garner tribal knowledge of the subtleties of pickup skills that takes their game to the next level. Any large and significant area of knowledge that is pursued by multiple parties will always have some degree of tribal knowledge.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty– blank squareZeratul shares some cool tribal stuff with Jim Raynor:


Working at Google’s HR team gives you distinct tribal knowledge to their proprietary performance management systems.

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